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When the clawback is issued and reimbursement gets reversed 12 days later,Shopkeeperputs back the Manufacturing and other custom costs for your product, to your balance. You can clearly see which reimbursement event was refunding you the Goodwill amount, and which reimbursement was for the unreturned unit to inventory. Goodwill is issued to the customer – you get charged the amount they gave customer as a “bonus refund”. This ASIN did not have any sale from any seller in the last 12 months. A Professional account costs $39.99 a month, but it includes many additional features like the ability to get the buy box and use 3rd party software tools. The option to run special listing features like promotions and gift services.

You as a seller will have to research and decide whether to collect sales tax on gift wrap or not, in each specific state. Gift wrap charge is a fee your customers pay to get their purchased products wrapped in gift paper and have a card sent with it as well. If you are selling over 40 items per month, make sure you are signed up as a professional seller. In our experience, FBA is almost always worth the investment.

Calculating your Fulfillment by Amazon shipping and handling fees

Peak monthly inventory storage fees for standard-size products remain unchanged. Off-peak monthly inventory storage fees (January – September) will increase by $0.04 for standard-size products and $0.03 for oversize products as of February real estate bookkeeping 1, 2023. This change will first be reflected in March 2023 charges for storage that occur in February 2023. A professional seller account costs $39.99 per month but you don’t have to pay the $.99 per item fee like an individual seller.

One of the main parts of the FBA fees is the fulfillment fee, and we often save money here compared to what it would cost to ship the item ourselves. The good news is that this fee is only charged on items that are in FBA warehouses for 365 days or more. If you are managing your inventory well, this should be an extremely small percentage of your inventory. If you sell small, lightweight items, you might come out ahead. But if your products ship in large and/or heavy boxes, you might find you’ll lose on every sale. This transaction item will show you the total tax that you have collected.

Product Size Determines FBA Fees

In addition to the final value fee, you will pay Paypal fees. The Paypal fees on the transaction will be 2.9% plus $0.30. So in total when you sell an item on eBay you will be paying 12.9% plus $0.30. To make things interesting, most categories have an applicable minimum referral fee, which means you’ll be paying $0.30 if the referral fee percentage is lower than that. If you’re considering FBA, you need to be aware of other fees that can creep onto your bill. These include long-term storage fees and relabeling fees for improperly prepared products.

Why are my Amazon seller fees so high?

A few different FBA fees are based on size and weight, including fulfillment fees and storage fees. Your product dimensions are already on the Amazon system, but they are not always accurate. If Amazon thinks your product is larger than it actually is, then it will charge you higher fees.

This is, in essence, a charge for the storage space being used. You don’t want to get caught out with thousands of items going over the 365 days storage threshold. Monthly storage fees are calculated a month in arrears, which means you get charged for the average number of cubic feet you use in the warehouse for January in February.

What percentage does Amazon take from each sale?

The study broke down fees as follows: Amazon takes its 8% to 15% transaction fee, FBA can cost from 20% to 35%, and advertising, it calculated, can cost up to 15%. The study said the average was 50% for 2022.



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