Involved in all phases of UI/UX implementation of a Travel Search and Booking web application including Design, Prototyping, and Development and Testing phases. Worked on C for writing classes and developing the web parts by using visual studio. Used MVC architecture of backbone.js to convert nested jQuery calls into a backbone model based architecture. Implemented various Employee Self Service front end UI Applications developed for easy lookup and creation of HR Records for various Employees. Involved in development converting the static HTML mark-ups to JSP’s using JSTL.

How does a front-end developer resume differ from resumes of other software development roles?

Experience listed on the frontend developer resume should be focused on how to create designs and transform them into appealing, interactive websites. Here, recruiters are looking for hard skills that demonstrate experience in creating user designs and visual elements. Therefore, pay more attention to skills such as UI/UX design, graphic design, and programming languages that can be used in the front-end such as JavaScript and related frameworks. Achievements that should be listed in a front-end developer resume are customer-facing and include improving conversion rates, reducing customer complaints and increasing time spent by users on a page.

A functional resume emphasizes other sections besides work experience, allowing a job applicant to focus on their skills or non-paid experience. Unlike a reverse-chronological resume, the functional resume paints a bigger picture that encompasses credentials gained through different avenues than formal jobs. A reverse-chronological resume focuses on your work experience, listing become a front end developer the most recent job first and working backward from there. This is the format most commonly used in entry to mid-level job applications, and will likely be the format an employer is most familiar with. Elegant code gets the job down with few wasted lines; in elegant resumes, each word counts. Start each item with a strong action word followed by the results of your action.

What is a Professional Summary?

Resume Help Improve your resume with help from expert guides. Resume Format Pick the right resume format for your situation. Our free online tool will walk you through creating a resume that stands out and gets you hired at a top tech company. It’s not what you want to hear, I know, but customizing your resume for each front-end role you apply to will improve your chances of getting more interviews. Be sure to proofread your resume a few times, then have someone else look at it for you. Our data show that is the most important factor in determining whether or not you’ll get an interview after controlling for experience and qualifications.

If you run a side project that displays your skills, then use it as a selling point to enhance your resume and make you a stronger candidate. Any reference to the work you have done which supports the type of job you are applying for, will greatly increase your chances to be considered for an interview. One of the best strategies when trying to land a new front-end developer position is to create your own resume template that can be quickly customized for each job. When job experience can clearly show impactful work and skills, certifications and abilities, education information becomes less important to include on a resume.

Resume Profile Examples: Profile Summary For Any Job

By developing the interface, a front-end developer makes it easier for end users to interact with a website or application. The visual elements and the navigation should be designed to be logical, consistent and visually pleasing. Collaboration – Collaboration is an important skill for any developer. As a front-end developer, you’ll be responsible for collaborating with other developers and designers to ensure that the web experience is consistent throughout the project.



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